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eERG è il gruppo di ricerca sull'efficienza negli usi finali dell'energia
attivo dal 1996 presso il Dipartimento di Energia del Politecnico di Milano


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AZEB - Affordable Zero Energy Buildings



AZEB (Affordable Zero Energy Buildings) is a EU project funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program which aims to foster the diffusion of nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) through the definition of a methodology to reduce costs along the entire lifecycle of the building, in parallel with an optimization of the energy, comfort and environmental performance.

In the 30-month project 8 partners from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, France and The Netherlands work together till October 2019.

The main steps of the AZEB project are:

  • Evaluate available experience and solutions
  • Create a common methodology for cost reduction
  • Apply the methodology to demonstration projects
  • Finalise the methodology including lessons learned
  • Disseminate the results

AZEB Projectpartners

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Energy Sufficiency in (strongly intertwined) Building and City Design. Examples for temperate and mediterranean climates. L.Pagliano, S. Erba 2019

At eceee 2019 Summer Study “Is efficient Sufficient?” Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano discusses how new «smart districts» and city re-design should and might include efficiency and sufficiency-enabling physical features with a focus on the emerging issue of summer comfort under a warming climate. A preliminary relevant question is if current policies are able to promote opportunities or there is a need to adapt those policies and how. Low cost technologies and design options for zero energy buildings developed in AZEB are the main topic of the presentation.