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eERG è il gruppo di ricerca sull'efficienza negli usi finali dell'energia
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Logo EWCThe EuroWhiteCert project will support the conceptual and technical development of tradable white certificates systems covering energy savings and energy efficiency. In order to promote the introduction of such systems in the ecologically and economically most beneficial way at the European level, recommendations will be made for handling the interactions of white certificates and their possible integration with other existing and planned tradable certificate and permit systems (such as green certificates, cogeneration certificates), with other policy tools for sustainable energy, as well as with the EU ETS and the JI and CDM schemes.

The project involves a critical evaluation of the experiences with already established certificate schemes in the energy sector, as well as explore the practical implementation of a white certificate scheme by developing a uniform measurement and verification methodology, certifying existing projects, identifying a set of alternative market participants and by eliciting voluntary demand among these.

The EuroWhiteCert project is supported within the Intelligent Energy for Europe (EIE) Programme of the European community (contract no. EIE/04/123/S07.38640). The kick-off meeting was in April 2005 and the project will last till April 2007.

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