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Study: Towards nearly zero-energy buildings
Definition of common principles under the EPBD

During 2012, a consortium led by Ecofys (with eERG and University of Wuppertal), undertook a study for the Commission to provide more guidance to Member States and the Commission as regards the implementation of the requirements for nearly zero-energy buildings under the EPBD. The study, which was finalized early in 2013, developed an analytical framework for evaluation the national plans (including a reporting template), identified benchmarks and investigated the convergence between cost optimal levels and nearly zero-energy buildings.

Task 3, led by the end-use Efficiency Research Group of Politecnico di Milano, aims to develop an explicit methodology for analysing building variants in terms of energy performance and global costs over 30 years, for detailing the inputs and assumptions of such an analysis and for clearly reporting the results; it also aims to present examples of representative benchmarks for nearly zero-energy building in different European climate regions and based on the results suggest an analytical framework for analysing national plans.

The executive summary and full report can be downloaded here:

The official EC website for this study:

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Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano, lorenzo.pagliano@polimi.it