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The Passive-On project has been promoted and coordinated by the end-use Efficiency Research Group of Politecnico di Milano



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Browse the CD and download contents (multilanguage)


The tools on the Passive-On CD developed within the context of the Passive-On project can now be downloaded from the Passive-On web site.

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The Passive-On CD contains five products of the EIE Passive-On project:

1.The Passivhaus Standard in European Warm Climates – Design Guidelines for comfortable low energy homes. Guidance for building homes conforming to the Passivhaus standard for architects and engineers;

2. Towards passive homes - Mechanisms to support the development of the passive house market. A review of existing policies and proposals to speed up the diffusion of low energy homes in partner countries;

3. Passive-On Training Module. Power points presentation and accompanying manual for promoters of low energy homes;

4. Passive House Planning Package 2007 – Demo Version. The PHHP software with reduced functionality including cooling load and cooling energy calculations;

5. Passive-On Long Description. A 5 page overview of the Passive-On project and its results.


Most products except the PHPP software and the Training Module are also translated to some degree into French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


Browse the CD and download contents (multilanguage)


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