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The Passive-On project has been promoted and coordinated by the end-use Efficiency Research Group of Politecnico di Milano



.:: Passive House Planning Package ::.

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is a spreadsheet based design tool aimed at architects and designers to assist the design of Passivhaus standard.

The PHPP energy balance module has been shown to be able to describe the thermal building characteristics of passive houses surprisingly accurately. This applies particularly to the new technique for calculating the heating load, which was developed specifically for Passive Houses.
As it is spreadsheet based, designers can use PHPP to evaluate design solutions immediately without the need to wait for dynamic simulations to run.

PHPP has been extended within the framework of the EIE project Passive-it for the assessment of summer comfort and cooling. PHPP 2007 can be purchased from the Passivhaus Institut for 130 Euro and is relatively cheap if compared to other comprehensive building simulation software tools. A reduced functionality demo version of PHPP 2007 is available on the Passive-On CD and for download from the Passive-On WEB site.

The new calculations introduced into PHPP 2007, developed within the context of Passive-On are:

- Solar loads through opaque building elements
- Night ventilation
- Monthly method for cooling
- Overheating frequency
- Peak cooling load
- Latent load

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