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GreenNet-Incentives - "Promoting grid related incentives for large-scale RES-E integration into the different European electricity systems".

The core objective of this project is to promote grid-related incentives for large-scale RES-E integration into different European electricity systems, to identify existing non-technical barriers for RES-E grid integration, and to actively involve key European market actors (grid companies, RES-E generators, regulators, decision makers) in the discussion process towards “green” electricity grids. This is mainly done by organising expert platforms, stakeholder consultation, training/education workshops and summer/autumn schools. The major products of this project are tailor-made recommendations and actions plans for several key market actors to establish a common European vision on the implementation of grid-related policies favouring “green” electricity networks. Comprehensive dissemination activities through a portfolio of dissemination channels guarantee know-how transfer of several project outcomes to several European countries/regions.

Expected results

The major achievements and products of the project GreenNet - Incentives comprise:

  • Tailor-made guidelines and practical action plans for several key European market actors and decision makers in order to accelerate the implementation of sustainable grid-related policies favouring “green” electricity grids.
  • Training and education events on strategies and sustainable policies for large-scale RES-E grid integration promoting the concept of least-cost RES-E grid integration and incentives in grid regulation.
  • The training software GreenNet-Europe (available free of charge) modelling least cost RES-E grid integration
  • Finally, a set of comprehensive ongoing as well as final dissemination activities and events.

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